Soho House Festival

Yesterday, my school year ended on a half day so my friends and I went to Soho House festival and it was too good not to blog about. Tabby, Ava, and Fabia made my day and I’m so glad they were with me for such an amazing day.

As you walked into the festival through and tunnel of trees with streamers cascading down from the branches, it felt like a fairy tale. And then you suddenly open up into this huge new world of white tents, balloons, dancers, and the best dressed people I’ve ever seen. It was magical.

The festival tickets were white expensive but definitely worth it for the amount of performances, free food, free drinks, and hair and makeup. As soon as we entered the main festival area, we made a beeline for a tent full of scones, cupcake, strawberries, peaches, and the juiciest slices of watermelon on the planet. After we are our body weight in these wonderful cakes, we headed to the main stage to watch Jake Bugg. I’m not his biggest fan, but he was good fun and his music felt very summery. Later when we all went to the fairground section of the festival, Ava and I were sitting right at the top of the Ferris wheel at a standstill. We looked out across the whole festival and spotted the backstage section where all the bands hang out before and after they play. And suddenly Ava shouted that she saw Jake Bugg. We shouted his name and waved frantically, rocking the seats violently (this made us feel very queasy after all the cake we ate) until finally he looked up at us and waved. I don’t think you can even begin to imagine how bonkers we went.

For lunch we left the fairground, feeling satisfyingly dizzy and plonked ourselves down on the grass where we ate some delicious lobster with salad and prawns. We also had some lovely raspberry mocktails.

We saw Jungle at the Big Top Tent (the more dancey one), who were a m a z i n g. In fact they were so good that they conjured up a very posh mosh pit. Fab.

We then saw De La Soul who were fantastic! They were so much fun

I also got my hair and nails done by the lovely team on site. I felt like the braids would last me for a long time and would be a nice change for summer, and my icy blue nails had a nice twist when they added a matte top coat.

Dizzee Rascal was headliner and he was SO. MUCH. FUN. And after the very posh people wisely headed away from the front of the crowd, we just about managed to have a good mosh pit.

Overall it was one of the best days of my life and I would definitely recommend going next year!

Oh and I haven’t blogged recently because I lost all of the photos on my phone after dropping it down the toilet- oops. Sorry

Have a great summer everyone! Have you been to Soho House Festival?















2 thoughts on “Soho House Festival

  1. Hi, Pascale! I really missed your posts and, as it turns out, I have missed this one. So late congrats on the end of another school year. Have fun in summer! xxx

  2. Hi Pascale, nice to have you back, Ive missed your posts. Soho House festival sounds fantastic and very colourful, glad you enjoyed the whole experience. Your my hero riding the ferris wheel, I get vertigo standing on a bridge looking down. Photos are great – especially the pastries!! love the hairstyle and the nail colour is a very cool summery look,I’m quite envious. enjoy the summer holidays xx

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