Perfect Pins

About two months ago, I was looking through my tumblr late at night, just scrolling through the posts, becoming sleepier and sleepier. And then I saw a post that made my mouth drop and my thumb stop it’s methodical movement. Pins. The greatest pins. The most amazing pins I’ve ever seen in my life. And studs. Studs that made me wish I had 1000 piercings. And what made them so cool? All my favourite band names, logos, lyrics, album covers, EVERYTHING had been made into gorgeous little badges. So what did I do? I frantically clicked onto etsy and brought some. And by some I mean 7. These pins have taken over my life- every single outfit I wear has to have a pin to match. And if something doesn’t go with my pin? I can’t wear it.

Dalia Salone is the GENIUS behind these perfect pins. Thank you Dalia, my wardrobe just wouldn’t be the same without your creations.

I took advantage of the necessity of blogging about the pins, by fitting in a quick makeup and outfit post as well! Enjoy!

My halter is from Brandy Melville, my jeans are Levi’s from a vintage shop in Brick Lane, and my face glitter was from Amazon.





This is Dalia’s Etsy, Bandshite

This is Dalia’s Tumblr, Wildwilde

This is my Tumblr, Hum-a-stun-gun-lullaby

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