Sorry for the really quick blog post! I’m in Italy at the moment and have awful wifi so I will be posting a long thing on Rome when I get home. For now here is a photo of the colloseum and a photo of a charming band in Rome.


5 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Pascale did you manage to take photographs of the building they call the ‘wedding cake’ you can’t miss it, its a modern building, I think its government or council type offices and not far from the Colosseum, its especially beautiful when seen in bright sunlight as it is completely white. Hope you’ve tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain, local story goes if you do you will return to the city. Enjoy your italian experience. gramsxx

    • Hi Grams!
      I did get lots if photos of the ‘Weddingn Cake’ and will be including them in my blog post this week. I can’t post today because I’m feeling a bit ill but will be back soon!
      Love, Pascale xxx

      • I hope you will be feeling better soon sweetie, try to take things easy, if your headachy and its hot drink plenty of bottled water and rest, if possible in a darkened room, you don’t want to miss a great opportunity to see this historical ancient city. Looking forward to seeing your photographs of the wedding cake! gramps sends love and we will see you soonxx

  2. Enjoy yourself, and I’m looking forward to reading about your experience and also seeing your photos! And I’d loved to read about food too – any nice places you’ve visited?

  3. Enjoy Italy Pascale, look forward to reading your blog and seeing the photographs on your return, love grams

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