Fashion Friday

Sorry, late blog post! I’ve been doing a shoot today- all will be revealed soon. I met this really lovely person at the Clothes Show Live. She was very confident and funny and very, very stylish. She had lots of shopping bags (there were SO many bargains) and her hair was twisted into a plait […]

Fashion Friday

It’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!!! This is a really nice person who had a vintage stall at Clothes Show Live. She was really shy and nervous about the picture but was really excited to be on a blog! I love her skirt and jumper combination- the chunky, pale jumper softens the velvet pencil skirt. Her black leather […]

Clothes Show Live

OK, before you say anything, I decided to replace Fashion Friday with this for one week because this is quite a big post (I definitely… um… didn’t forget…). The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham was amazing. I went with my friend Lexi and it was honestly so perfect- I was in heaven. I took SO […]

Fashion Friday

It’s so nearly the holidays, it’s so nearly Christmas, but it’s SO COLD! But, you all still manage to look amazing (even if you are shivering a little)! This was sent to me by a really sweet person called Helena after I sent out my calling-all-fashionistas SOS. It was taken outside of the ‘marche de […]


I finished a project! I FINISHED A PROJECT! (finally) This has been so much fun! During my Drawing A Day Project, I’ve had multiple moments in the middle of the night where I realise I’ve forgotten to draw and stumble across my room, rubbing my eyes and blindly grabbing at paper and notebooks. I’ve also […]