Fashion Friday

Last week’s SOS was a m a z i n g! Thank you all so much for replying! This is the first one I got from Regula Ysewjin. I have always loved her style and I’m envious of her wardrobe. She sent me some beautifully photographed images of a beautiful dress.     The gorgeous […]

Another New Project

I think everyone has one wall in their house which is just boring. Mine is in my bedroom. I tried smothering it in mirrors. Then I tried to suffocate it in frames of artwork. Then I started to draw on it- that’s when it got interesting. Some if you may have seen some posts on […]

Fashion Friday SOS

CALLING ALL FASHIONISTAS! I’ve run out of photos. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been very busy with school, hockey and seeing my friends, so I haven’t had time to take any photos or go to my little cool places. I need your help. Yes, YOU! Please send in pictures of your favourite outfit, […]

Fashion Friday

It’s Mufti Day! Our money at school was going towards helping people in the Philippines. It’s Tabby again! She is effortlessly cool, in style and personality. Her oversized denim jacket with a build in hood looks chunky and stylish, whilst it contrasts with her super skinny black jeans. She made her top- she printed out […]

Drawing A Day

Ooh a new project! I recently brought a few new fashiony books, including one called How To Draw Like A Fashion Designer. This book inspired me to do a drawing a day for 30 days. Armed with some inspiration, a pencil, no rubbers, 64 pens, and a small notebook. So far, I’ve drawn too many […]

Fashion umm… Saturday?

Ok, nobody shout at me- it was bound to happen. I know I forgot, but I was at a surprise party for a friend!    This is Jemma. She has to be the coolest person EVER- she has amazing tattoos, her shoes are to die for, her clothes are amazing, she has dimples, and (this […]

Fashion Friday Special

Ooh special ✯ Happy HalloweeEEeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeen! This is my friend Ottilie. She dressed up as a Day Of The Dead Skeleton, and I simply L O V E her makeup! She did it all herself with eyeliner and some foundation. She wore her hair loose, which softened the whole look and made it look less harsh. […]