Fashion Friday

In the Duke of Yorks on the Kings Road, I spotted Olivia’s sunnies from a mile away! The thick, white, geometric frames add a quirky vibe to the rest of her outfit, which was made up of black skinny jeans, a black t shirt and an animal print kimono. I think I need to go […]

My Jam Jar Snowglobe

I have some tiny little figures of people which just lie under my bed which I finally decided to use! I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages because Mason Jars have suddenly become very popular on places like Pintrest. So here is my quick and easy way to make your own snowglobe. You […]

Fashion Friday

Today, a friend and I went for a looong shopping trip and as we got off the bus, I saw this really cool girl. I loved her rose head band and her relaxed-yet-edgy dress sense! She posed like a natural, slinging her leather, angel-wing backpack over one shoulder and turning side ways slightly, making me […]

My Custom Shoes

When I was really bored a few weeks ago, I fished out some fabric pens that I got as a FAB christmas present, grabbed some plain white plimsoles and got to work. I’m going to talk through a really simple way to customise shoes. You will need: – Plain white fabric (I used shoes). – […]