Soho House Festival

Yesterday, my school year ended on a half day so my friends and I went to Soho House festival and it was too good not to blog about. Tabby, Ava, and Fabia made my day and I’m so glad they were with me for such an amazing day.

As you walked into the festival through and tunnel of trees with streamers cascading down from the branches, it felt like a fairy tale. And then you suddenly open up into this huge new world of white tents, balloons, dancers, and the best dressed people I’ve ever seen. It was magical.

The festival tickets were white expensive but definitely worth it for the amount of performances, free food, free drinks, and hair and makeup. As soon as we entered the main festival area, we made a beeline for a tent full of scones, cupcake, strawberries, peaches, and the juiciest slices of watermelon on the planet. After we are our body weight in these wonderful cakes, we headed to the main stage to watch Jake Bugg. I’m not his biggest fan, but he was good fun and his music felt very summery. Later when we all went to the fairground section of the festival, Ava and I were sitting right at the top of the Ferris wheel at a standstill. We looked out across the whole festival and spotted the backstage section where all the bands hang out before and after they play. And suddenly Ava shouted that she saw Jake Bugg. We shouted his name and waved frantically, rocking the seats violently (this made us feel very queasy after all the cake we ate) until finally he looked up at us and waved. I don’t think you can even begin to imagine how bonkers we went.

For lunch we left the fairground, feeling satisfyingly dizzy and plonked ourselves down on the grass where we ate some delicious lobster with salad and prawns. We also had some lovely raspberry mocktails.

We saw Jungle at the Big Top Tent (the more dancey one), who were a m a z i n g. In fact they were so good that they conjured up a very posh mosh pit. Fab.

We then saw De La Soul who were fantastic! They were so much fun

I also got my hair and nails done by the lovely team on site. I felt like the braids would last me for a long time and would be a nice change for summer, and my icy blue nails had a nice twist when they added a matte top coat.

Dizzee Rascal was headliner and he was SO. MUCH. FUN. And after the very posh people wisely headed away from the front of the crowd, we just about managed to have a good mosh pit.

Overall it was one of the best days of my life and I would definitely recommend going next year!

Oh and I haven’t blogged recently because I lost all of the photos on my phone after dropping it down the toilet- oops. Sorry

Have a great summer everyone! Have you been to Soho House Festival?















Perfect Pins

About two months ago, I was looking through my tumblr late at night, just scrolling through the posts, becoming sleepier and sleepier. And then I saw a post that made my mouth drop and my thumb stop it’s methodical movement. Pins. The greatest pins. The most amazing pins I’ve ever seen in my life. And studs. Studs that made me wish I had 1000 piercings. And what made them so cool? All my favourite band names, logos, lyrics, album covers, EVERYTHING had been made into gorgeous little badges. So what did I do? I frantically clicked onto etsy and brought some. And by some I mean 7. These pins have taken over my life- every single outfit I wear has to have a pin to match. And if something doesn’t go with my pin? I can’t wear it.

Dalia Salone is the GENIUS behind these perfect pins. Thank you Dalia, my wardrobe just wouldn’t be the same without your creations.

I took advantage of the necessity of blogging about the pins, by fitting in a quick makeup and outfit post as well! Enjoy!

My halter is from Brandy Melville, my jeans are Levi’s from a vintage shop in Brick Lane, and my face glitter was from Amazon.





This is Dalia’s Etsy, Bandshite

This is Dalia’s Tumblr, Wildwilde

This is my Tumblr, Hum-a-stun-gun-lullaby

Italia ☀

Ok, SO I broke my pinky promise for the first time EVER. I was very ill though, so I have a very valid excuse!

I have so many photos to share with you from my trip to Italy, so here they are!

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We went to Rome, Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Sorrento. We walked up Mount Vesuvius, went to Pompeii and saw all of the plaster cast bodies in the Valley of the Fallen, went and got ice-cream at the Spanish Steps, visited the Colosseum, and went to THE BEST Gelateria in the  e n t i r e  world!

I might be making some tiny changes to the layout of my blog this week, so don’t be too shocked!

Have a lovely week!




Sorry for the really quick blog post! I’m in Italy at the moment and have awful wifi so I will be posting a long thing on Rome when I get home. For now here is a photo of the colloseum and a photo of a charming band in Rome.


Graffiti Update

I told you I would remember!

Recently, I went to Spitalfields with my dad again and stocked up on graffiti pics- and here they are! Enjoy ✯

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Hope you liked this very short blog post! I already have plans for my next one, so there’s NO chance of me forgetting ☺

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Buns Bun Plaits Buns 2



I’m so sorry I haven’t been here for so long! I’ve been caught up in school work, sports, and seeing friends, blah blah blah… But I pinky promise to stay on track this time (and I NEVER break pinky promises)!

This week, I’m going to write about hair- my hair, your hair, everyone’s hair. Well, hairstyles to be a bit more specific. Some are pretty, some are uncomfortable, some are strange, and some are simple- but they should always be fun.

I took some photos or some hair styles I messed around with after school one day. I also snapped a shot of the gorgeous Annalise’s hair ribbon. I bumped into the stunning art student in Covent Garden, and HAD to snap a pic of her beautiful hair. My hair styles are simple, but I added twists with little accessories that are listed below:

☞ Pearl Clips – The V&A
☞ Hair Doughnut – Boots
☞ Silver Headband – Urban Outfitters
☞ Butterfly Clip – Gift

This is how I achieved these looks:

☞ Plaits: Messily plait your hair (you can do a French plait, a fish tail, or a normal one). After, twist in your clips, and voila!

☞ Bun: Using, a fine-toothed comb, back comb your hair until you look suitably bonkers and then gently pull it back into a puffy ponytail. If your hair loses any volume, just back comb it again. Slip your ponytail through the center of the hair doughnut. After you’ve done that, wrap your hair around the doughnut and secure with a hair tie and some bobby pins. Twist in your clips, and hey presto, you have a scruffy bun!

☞ Two Buns: Part your hair down the center and then tie it up into two really high pigtails. Twist then around into little buns on top of your head. Twist in your clips, and abracadabra, you have a simple, quirky hairstyle!
☞ Ponytail: Brush your hair until it’s smooth and free of tangles. If you want a really sleek look, you can straighten your hair or use a hair serum as well. Then simply pull your hair into a ponytail without any bumps or fly-aways, and put on your headband so the chain in the middle goes right up the center of the ponytail and the two chains at the side sit on your hair line. Finito!


I hope you enjoyed!


Sunshine Saturday


OK so I forgot AGAIN (I’m going to start putting an alarm on my phone), but I’m glad I didn’t do Fashion Friday this week, because then I wouldn’t have blogged today.

If you live in London like me, you probably have a cold, frozen fingers and frizzy hair from the rain so you loosely resemble a soggy lion. That’s what I would’ve blogged yesterday- a grey, dark, damp outfit quickly assembled by me at the last minute.

But look! What’s happened?! Take a minute to look out of your window and appreciate that you can actually see BLUE! And a SUN!

My room has a large window that faces our garden so it gets infinite amounts of natural light (when it’s sunny… which is for about two weeks in July). This morning rainbows were scattered across my walls and silver light was shining on my new pieces of art on my walls and I thought I would show you!

I also just ordered a new top from a lovely designer who you can find on Marketplace at ASOS. She is called Emma Warren and is so lovely! She packages up your order with a gorgeous bow and a lovely hand written note. Please check out her shop- It’s A M A Z I N G.

securedownload-2 securedownload-1 securedownload securedownload-3 securedownload-4

‘Lost In Wonderland’ Crop- Emma Warren

Twist-In Pearly Clips- V&A

Have a lovely sunny weekend!


Sublime Smoothie


I’m sosorry I haven’t blogged in so long, but you’ll be happy to know I have tonnes of stuff to come soon! As an apology I have made a drink to share with you (oops I might have already finished drinking it). Oh well, I will just give you the recipe instead!

As my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve started jogging every week with my friend. Last time we made the most gorgeous smoothie I’ve ever had in my entire life! It was so tasty, I thought I would share the recipe with all of my lovely followers.

Banana-Berry Blender (makes two glasses)

You will need:

✯ Three Bananas
✯ Half a Pack of Blueberries
✯ Blueberry Yoghurt
✯ Juice
✯ A Blender (if you don’t have one, we used a tall plastic jug and a hand blender)


Chop up your bananas into small pieces and put them into your blender/jug.
☞Add the blueberries.
☞Pour in a splash of juice. The amount is completely up to you, and it depends on how thick you  want your smoothie. We put in two glugs of Apple and Raspberry juice.
☞Add a large spoonful of the blueberry yoghurt.
☞Stir your mixture.
☞Blend gently, until you have a mixture that’s smooth but thick.
☞Pour into some glasses and enjoy!



Fashion Friday- Two Weeks of Tatyana


The final week of the stunning Tatyana!

This week, she styled herself as a hipster. Her outfit is simple but strong and interesting. I love the way that she paired studded, ultra cool dungarees with a delicate white chiffon top underneath. The backwards hat (which is the foundation of the outfit) just looks so perfect!

Have a great weekend! Thank you Tatyana!

Fashion Friday


This is Tatyana! She is so unbelievably cool, and I’m jealous of literally her whole wardrobe.

And BEFORE you get angry at me for not posting anything in two weeks, hear my excuse…. Umm…

Well I don’t reeaally have an excuse apart from that I was on holiday.

Please forgive me!

So, because of my bad effort, I am doing a Two Weeks of Tatyana. She has two outfits that I will show you for two weeks of Fashion Friday- this week is soft pastels, next week is hipster style.

This week, the gorgeous Tatyana is modelling a simple, but very pretty outfit.

The pretty pastel pink jumper tucked into the acid washed denim skirt is a simple and easy way to keep warm and look infinitely stylish. The lace details in her outfit add to the girliness. The subtleness of the lace in the collar matching the lace trimmed socks mean the outfit isn’t too frillyfrillygirlygirl. The chunky creepers contrast with the rest of the outfit and give it a very subtle edge.

I hope you liked this post! Have a lovely weekend!